20 “Comments” that Will make you love Contraception…

20 “Comments” that Will make you love Contraception…
20 “Comments” that Will make you love Contraception
1.      It worked for me greatly, my menstrual flow comes regularly but in little quantity, my libido is normal, except that my stomach is a little bit biggerAside that, it’s a good family planning method”. 2.      “I did it too. It was perfect. I removed it and conceived after 3 weeks”. 3.      “Well I believe it depends on the side effect because I have been on it for more than a year and my menses is normal…..3 days….”. 4.       “Good morning to you and more Grace to you guys on helping girls to avoid pregnancy for now. I love you guys. I have used the Contraceptive injections and don’t have any side effects”. 5.        “I did mine December 28 last year, it’s Jadelle and I saw my monthly flow this month. I love this one. It is safe for me. I think I should be able to concentrate on my business and education now”. 6.        “Una too much! Keep it up, Good. Your product has served us so wellMyself and my wife usually quarrel over sex almost every time. I have to beg her to take family planning. To cut the long story short, we have become friends again, my home is peaceful. Thank you”. 7.         “Poster, don’t be angry! It is not something you just get because you cannot insert the implant on your own. Kindly direct them to their nearest Health Facility where they can get it properly inserted. Implanon NXT is truly effective. Go to the nearest facility where family planning services are offered, get counseled and make an informed choice”. 8.         “Stop discouraging people because this is long-acting reversible contraceptive that can revise at any time you want to take it out”. 9.         “Single or married, it can’t cause barrenness. Please stop saying what you don’t know. It’s for medic alone to counsel. I have a lot of ladies on it and immediately they remove it, they got pregnant”. 10.       “Before now I used to be afraid to go to the clinic because of time wasting and non-confidentiality. My friend told me about the #belydiasmart so I checked for it on Instagram. I called Dr. Lydia on the number that was written on their page and I asked for a referral to the hospital and I explained my concerns. Dr. Lydia assured me that I will get quick service at the clinic and my information will not be shared with anyone. I believed her and went to the hospital DFO clinic Akoka. Indeed the service was very quick, and I had a jovial relationship with the matron. She counseled me extensively and ensured I was comfortable with choosing Lydia IUD. Atlas I got Lydia sleek, which was very cheap and convenient for me. Thank you Dr. Lydia”. 11.        “I am a health worker and I have provided contraceptive in my clinic for over 15 years but I can categorically say that in 15 years I haven’t had up to 100 clients come for injections. They all used to complain about side effect and how their neighbor or a friend haven’t seen their period in years and this usually affects client flow to clinic and business goes bad. I had an encounter with the DKT rep who introduced me to Contraceptive injection last year.  Apart from the fact that the injection has a small needle, which makes my patient less scared, I have never received any complaint of menstrual issues or women finding it difficult to get pregnant again. Some women are good at spreading good or bad news and the same way they ran down my business with their mouth, they have also told their friends how good Contraceptive Injection has been for them. This has increased my client flow to my clinic and am glad that when the women see me around the neighborhood they are shouting doctor am coming oh, its 3 months already. Thanks to DKT Contraceptive injection for helping my business grow from women who have taken the injection”. 12.       “It’s okay because I used it and it work after three years I removed it and I got pregnant”. 13.       “My sister it is very good no side effect and no pains during sex. I have used it for my 3 kids now and it’s very nice”. 14.       “My sister, I am not scared o. But all I want to hear from her is an explanation onhow it is dangerous to my health as she claims. I am currently on IUD for the past two years now and I can testify to it goodness. I have used other methods but this one is superb for me”. 15.       “I did the injection type, it was painless and I didn’t notice when I was injected”. 16.       “Lol, you can have sex anytime with no worries of getting pregnant when not ready”. 17.       “Yes Dear, it works as long as you continue taking it every day, don’t wait till the day you want to have intercourse but rather take it daily till you are no longer in need of avoiding pregnancy”. 18.         “I have been using it for 4 months now and it’s working perfectly”. 19.         “Postpill really helped me all thanks to honey&banana”. 20.         “Thanks, I am sweet with Levofem, up Levofem for life!  move forward!  ”.


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