“Contraceptive Social Marketing is a method of providing birth control through commercial networks and infrastructure.”- Phil Harvey

DKT Nigeria is a leader in contraceptive social marketing.

Sales and Distribution

We increase availability and access of high quality modern contraceptive methods through a robust supply chain network that covers all of Nigeria. DKT Nigeria has a national distribution reach and has a timely tenacity of a 24-hour delivery window or less to any part of Nigeria. DKT’s direct sales force ensure contraceptive and reproductive health products are available in a wide range of pharmacies, chemist outlets, clinics, government hospitals, and shops. The sales force consists of 102 personnel directly servicing over 70,000 healthcare outlets and over 250,000 indirectly through wholesale channels. The sales force cover retail, wholesale and clinical outlets.

Media and Communications

The media and communications unit manage all activities related to consumer education and engagement through population social media platforms. Most of DKT’s social media platforms have come to serve as a popular channel to talk about contraceptives, sex and pleasure among the youth of Nigeria. The high engagement levels on these platforms show that it is disrupting and normalizing a lot of topics, which otherwise would have been shunned due to stigma or fear of being judged. This in turn has resulted in a growing understanding and acceptance of contraceptives eventually expanding adoption.

Tech Innovations

DKT Nigeria field personnel leverage technology to improve the distribution of contraceptives using a real-time customer relationship management (CRM) system operated on tablet computers. By tracking sales, customers, location, and inventories, DKT is able to ensure a more precise and effective route to market and to expand the market size by finding new channels and ensuring they are well served.


DKT Nigeria has a comprehensive marketing department consisting of dedicated units that build brands and increase consumer awareness of DKT products. The department comprises of a regulatory team, brand and product officers, media and communications team managing social media platforms to an in-house creative and graphics team. The department is also responsible for producing eye catching point of sale materials such as branded stands to display products, posters, danglers, product dispensers to planogram set-ups to increase in-store visibility and consumer access. DKT now has a portfolio of 18 different products, most of which are market leaders in their category.

Honey&Banana Connect

Honey&Banana Connect is the first toll-free family planning call centre in Nigeria. It operates with an easy to recall shortcode – 55059. At the call centre, calls are picked by live agents who provide quick response to callers’ questions with absolute confidentiality and privacy. The agents are readily available to attend to any contraceptive question without judging the caller. Language is also not a barrier as callers get responded to in any of the 5 major languages in Nigeria: English, Pidgin, Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo. Honey&Banana Connect provides the caller with all-round personalised contraceptive services that start with agents providing detailed information on all available contraceptive methods. The agent then books an appointment for the callers and refers them to one of the DKT partner clinics spread across Nigeria for contraceptive uptake at an affordable cost. These services are concluded with follow up calls to ensure callers’ satisfaction with the clinic services and method chosen. The call centre operates Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm.


The Programs department oversees and implements various projects including proposal writing, monitoring and evaluation and liaising with donors. The Programs department develops and maintains strategic partnership with the following donor organizations:
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Children’s Investment Fund Foundation
  • The Large Anonymous Donors
  • The United Nations Population Fund

Honey&Banana Educational Website

The Honey&Banana website was designed with the youth in mind. It features information on contraceptive methods, self-screening mechanism for contraceptive method based on personal choice blogs, and interesting relatable stories on pleasure and sex tips. Additionally, the website’s unique feature lies in its ability to book an appointment to DKT Nigeria’s partner clinic for services and products. The partner clinics providers were trained by DKT on FP services. The site allows the user to either book an appointment or find a list of clinics along with the provider’s information in their vicinity.