Fiesta Condoms

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FIESTA CONDOMS – Fiesta condom is our premium quality range of condoms available in 13 exciting variants giving you the desired protection and allowing you to have much more fun.
• FIESTA CLASSIC – Is gently lubricated to increase the pleasure for you and your partner.
• FIESTA ULTRA THIN – Gives the skin-to-skin sexy experience and yet offers the full protection you desire.
• FIESTA DOTTED – Contain more than 500 pleasure dots for more pleasure with your partner.
• FIESTA RIBBED – Has more than 50 pleasure rings to increase stimulation for both partners.
• FIESTA PROLONG- Delays climax for a longer and more intense experience with your partner.
• FIESTA 3-in-1 – Is dotted, contoured and ribbed allowing for maximum excitement.
• FIESTA STRAWBERRY- Is dotted and strawberry flavored. It increases excitement and pleasures your partners senses with the flavor.
• FIESTA CHOCOLATE- Is ribbed and chocolate flavored. It increases excitement & pleasures your partners senses with the flavor.
• FIESTA HONEY & BANANA – Fiesta Honey and Banana Condom is banana flavored with a touch of honey to give a sweet and tasteful all-round sensual experience.
• FIESTA WET & WILD – Fiesta Wet and Wild is an extra lubricated condom specially designed for long-lasting lubrication, uninterrupted pleasure, and an ultra-smooth sexual experience.
• FIESTA BLACK – Maintains the originality of the Black man. It is suitable for sex during a woman’s menses as it hides the colour of blood.
• FIESTA EXTRA STRONG – Is extra thick and can withstand any rough fantasy with your partner.
• FIESTA XL – Is suitable for large sized penis offering full protection for this group.