Success Stories

Bringing product innovation to Nigeria

  • Since its establishment in Nigeria in 2013, DKT was determined to bring contraceptive innovation to expand and reshape market dynamics. After considerable effort navigating the regulatory landscape, DKT now has a portfolio of 18 different products, most of which are market leaders in their category.

Increasing Access and Availability to high quality affordable contraceptives

  • DKT Nigeria has a sales force of 102 personnel directly servicing over 70,000 healthcare outlets and over 250,000 indirectly through wholesale channels in all 36 states plus the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja) of the country.

Increasing Understanding and Educating Consumers

  • DKT’s social media platforms have come to serve as a popular channel to talk about contraceptives, sex and pleasure among the youth of Nigeria. The high engagement levels on these platforms show that it is disrupting and normalizing a lot of topics, which otherwise would have been shunned due to stigma or fear of being judged. This in turn has resulted in a growing understanding and acceptance of contraceptives eventually expanding adoption.


The impact of DKT’s strategy in shaping and growing the marketplace can be seen in the scale it has achieved. In 2019 alone, DKT Nigeria’s product sales averted 447,531 unwanted pregnancies and 1,401,308 unsafe abortions. Furthermore, in 2020, DKT Nigeria provided 4,617,240 couples with protection from pregnancy. The highest CYP delivered since operation.