Fiesta Condom is a premium condom brand readily available in Nigeria. Fiesta premium Condoms are 100% electronically tested and manufactured to meet the highest international quality standards (EN ISO 4074: 2002) and provide the ultimate in protection and pleasure for couples. Fiesta premium condoms are available in 12 different variants of colours, textures, shapes, flavours, thickness and sizes, so you can enjoy a different, exciting and pleasurable experience everytime you have sex. Fiesta condoms put the ‘F’ in Fun and are backed by DKT’s symbol of excellence; ‘Effective, Safe, Affordable and Quality’ product. Fiesta premium Condoms are great choice because they can prevent both pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), so whenever you use Fiesta condoms, you get double protection combined with pleasure everytime. Try a Fiesta Condom today for an exciting experience. With the full range of Fiesta Condoms, you and your partner will create memorable erotic experiences. Fiesta condoms are flavored to flare the imagination of you & your partner. Each pack contains three (3) premium condoms and are readily available in Nigeria. To learn more about Condoms or other Contracepives. CLICK HERE
Kiss Kiss condoms have been gently lubricated to provide you with a silky, natural feeling for increased pleasure and sensitivity so you can be closer to your partner. Designed with super-thin technology, kiss condoms combine sensitivity with protection and are 100% electronically tested and manufactured to meet the highest international quality standards (EN ISO 4074: 2002). Kiss condoms are available in every part of Nigeria.


Caya Caya contoured diaphragm is a female contraceptive barrier device that is non-hormonal,100% natural and easy to use. It acts as a mechanical barrier that prevents sperm from entering the uterus. Caya diaphragm is inserted into the vagina like a tampon to cover the entrance to the womb (the cervix) before sex. It is placed between the back part of the vagina and the space behind the pubic bone. After sex, Caya must be left in place for at least 6 hours, but not longer than 24 hours. Caring for Caya is also very easy; it should be removed, rinsed with water and soap, and allowed to dry in an open case Caya is designed to fit a broad range of women including women who can’t or don’t want to use hormonal methods, want a contraception only when they want to have sex, are breastfeeding, or can’t or don’t want to use IUD. However, women who have conditions like severe uterine prolapse (when the uterus descends toward or into the vagina) or have a history of urinary tract infection can’t use Caya
Caya Gel Caya diaphragm comes with a contraceptive gel, which acts as an additional physical barrier at the cervix. Also, the acidic PH value and thickness of the gel prevents the movement of the sperm and makes the environment of the vagina hostile for the sperm to survive. Caya gel contains no synthetic or artificial ingredients and it comes in 60ml tubes with a vaginal applicator.



Levofem Levofem is an effective, safe, low-dose oral contraceptive pill that is taken daily to prevent pregnancy. Levofem contains two hormones, Levonorgestrel and Ethinyleestradiol and also contains Ferrous Fumarate. There are 28 easy-to- swallow tablets in Levofem, 21 of those tablets contain hormones and are called the ‘active’ pills while the remaining 7 tablets contain Iron for blood building. The 21 active pills are taken once a day to prevent pregnancy while the 7 pills help you count when to start a new pack while helping to prevent anaemia during your menstrual period. Women who use Levofem no longer have to worry about unintended pregnancy. Because it has very low dose of these hormones, Levofem has minimal side effects. It is also completely reversible because it leaves the body quickly when you stop using it, so you can get pregnant without delay.





Miso-Fem belongs to a group of hormones called prostaglandins and can be used safely and effectively for many gynaecological interventions. Miso-Fem contains Misoprostol, a medicine used for many gynecological issues such as prevention of excessive bleeding after childbirth (postpartum haemorrhage) Management of miscarriage, cervical ripening, induction of labour and the treatment of different kinds of ulcers; duodenal, gastric and NSAID induced peptic ulcer. It comes in two packs of 4’s and 12’s. Postpartum haemorrhage is one of the leading causes of maternal mortality in Nigeria. This complication is easily prevented by administering Miso-Fem (misoprostol) to the woman after delivery. This inexpensive medicine is a life saver and a must-have for every health facility. Miso-fem has been produced to the W.H.O. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards and is packed in a secure aluminim-aluminium foil to ensure the quality of the active ingredient Misoprostol when used. (Miso-Fem must be used by/under the supervision of Health professionals only)


IPAS Manual Vacuum Aspirator (MVA) is a World Health Organization (W.H.O) recommended method for treating complications of unsafe abortion, managing miscarriage and performing endometrial biopsies. This inexpensive, portable and reliable device allows health care workers to provide essential care to women even in the most remote villages since it does not use electricity. (To be used by trained Health professionals only)



Duties and Responsibilities
1. Communicate product information in a way that's meaningful and relevant to each individual customer and account; customize discussions and client interactions based on understanding of customer's needs
2. Maintain effective communication and relationships with key external and internal customers.
3. Within institutional hospital accounts, act as primary point of contact for customer, meets with key customers/personnel to understand practice structure, business model, key influencers /network structure, customer needs and identifies business opportunities
4. Promote DKT Nigeria products and services to physicians and other medical personnel within assigned geography
5. Demonstrate advanced ability to ask strategic, insightful questions to obtain information on specific customer business/ healthcare needs. Uses the insights to position DKT Nigeria’s products and collaborates with customers on focused and customized business strategy
6. Share learnings and best-practices from one customer to help other customers meet their needs and exhibit professionalism and leadership with clients/ key account clinics
7. Build strategic relationships with the key opinion leaders in hospitals and clinics to negotiate purchases.
8. Engage in all job responsibilities and activities with the highest standards of ethics and integrity, with emphasis on compliance with all relevant laws, policies and regulations.
9. Additional duties as needed

Qualification/Experience- The candidate must have the following:
• Three to five years’ experience in clinic key account management / institutional sales of pharmaceutical products
• Flexibility to adapt to changing priorities and to work as part of a team
• Exceptional verbal, written and presentation skills
• Competency in Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
• Well-organized, with ability to track multiple activities and deadlines
The position reports to the Institutional Clinical Manager.
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV with subject tagged, Institutional Clinical Representative (Location) to hr@dktnigeria.org

Application deadline: 30 November 2019