Contraceptive Distribution

Contraceptive Social Marketing

Contraceptive Social Marketing is a method of providing birth control through commercial networks and infrastructure.

– Phil Harvey

DKT Nigeria has a national distribution reach and has a timely tenacity of a 24-hour delivery window or less to any part of Nigeria. Our direct selling to providers through our own distribution network of Medical and Sales representatives has made contraceptives easily accessible, available and affordable. DKT Nigeria Medical sales representatives ensure a wide distribution of contraceptives through a range of private sector channels and visit every clinic, hospital, maternity home, convalescent centre, pharmacy, PPMV (Proprietary /Patent Medicine Vendors) and individual providers directly, to supply products, detail on a one-to-one basis, build providers capacity, identify training needs and finally ensure the facility is well decorated with DKT merchandizing/marketing materials, (banners, posters, leave behinds, booklets and fliers).

Our Medical sales representatives distribute Kiss and Fiesta condoms, Postpill emergency contraceptives, Levofem daily contraceptive pills, DMPA Sc., Lydia IUDs, Eloira IUS, Implanon NXT and Jadelle implants and IPAS Manual Vacuum Aspirator kits. DKT representatives also paste and distribute different size posters and educational materials on family planning and DKT branded contraceptives in prominent areas within clinics and facilities where the posters can easily be seen by women visiting these facilities who will be motivated to ask questions about family planning and DKT branded products from their provider. The contribution of DKT to the general family planning landscape in Nigeria has been significant, filling a gap that only a diverse and energetic social marketing program could do.

DKT Bees

Community Based Distribution

Community Based Distribution is spearheaded by our very own Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs) aka DKT Bees. This is a vital component of DKT Nigeria program. The identity ‘DKT Bees’ was coined from the activity of bees who are involved with pollination of flowers and move from flower to flower. DKT branded the CHEWs as DKT Bees with their professionally designed logo, uniforms and cooler bags to make them easily identified in the communities or territories where they work. DKT Bees play a vital role in family planning awareness and accessibility at the community and grassroots level. DKT has recruited and trained over 149 private female CHEWs in different states in order to bring Family Planning service closer to women in their homes, businesses, markets and communities. DKT’s approach is to use DKT Bees to take contraceptive products out of the clinics and into women’s homes, businesses, markets, (basically in their own environment), reduce the cumbersome burden of women travelling long distances to obtain FP products and services, increase the acceptability of the family planning products and appear friendly to women in the target groups of low income populations.

DKT Bees focus on specific target groups and designated areas such as highly populated neighborhoods and slums and where there is a distinct lack of pharmacies and clinics. These target groups are located in the lowest socio-economic groups which represent 70% of the Nigerian population. DKT also provides a basket of contraceptive products and has designed the DKT Bees channel to make it accessible to women seeking different contraceptive options like condoms, pills, and injections. DKT Bees carry Fiesta and Kiss condoms, Female Condoms, Postpill (EC), Levofem (OCP) and DMPA Sc. injection. This service is necessary due to the large proportion of women who have expressed a desire to use contraceptives but have limited access to contraceptives or those women who do not wish or are unable to visit a clinic. DKT Bees already work in some communities (territory of operation). To find a DKT BEE near you, call 08129917857.

Health Care Provider Trainings

This is a vital component of DKT Nigeria’s program. In just over three years, DKT has trained over 4500 providers from different healthcare professional cadres. Training participants have been drawn from a combination of doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, CHEWs (Community Health Extension Workers) and PPMVs. Training modules included Family planning Counseling, DMPA Sc. administration, side effects management and managing expectations of clients, IUD Insertion, treatment of incomplete abortion, post abortion care, and complications and early miscarriage management. DKT’s training of providers has increased their knowledge in early miscarriage management and willingness to purchase MVA kits. The negative perceptions that providers had about MVA kits is progressively eroding as

the activities of DKT have overcome their misconceptions and led to MVAs now being placed firmly within the landscape of post-abortion care in Nigeria. To further enhance awareness, DKT also participates in seminars and organizes capacity building events with regional chapters of SOGON (Society of Gynecologists and Obstetricians of Nigeria, NAPMED (Nigeria Association of Patent and Proprietary Medicine Dealers), AGPN (Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria), AGPNP (Association of General Private Nursing Practitioners), AGPMPN (Association of General Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria) to introduce and promote family planning and different DKT contraceptive products.

Clinical Service Delivery

DKT Nigeria’s newly established clinical service delivery program collaborates with private clinics to provide family planning services directly to women in slums and low-income populations of Lagos and Ogun states. The success of the outreach programs is seen in the number of first-time family planning users who begin using family planning products / services as a result of the outreach program. 67% of our outreach clients are first-time contraceptive users, with the majority opting for the Jadelle implant or DMPA Sc..

DKT Nigeria’s clinical service delivery program promotes long acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) like Lydia IUDs, Jadelle and Implanon NXT Implants and DMPA Sc.. DKT Nigeria’s Outreach teams are made up of coordinators who are qualified nurses, nurses/midwives, drivers, community mobilizers and CHEWs. DKT Nigeria’s clinical service delivery program provides contraceptives / FP services in private health facilities, organizations/ factories with large women workforce and in community locations like churches, market places and places of social networks.

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