Health Care Professionals

This is a vital component of DKT Nigeria’s program. In just over three years, DKT has trained over 4500 providers from different healthcare professional cadres. Training participants have been drawn from a combination of doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, CHEWs (Community Health Extension Workers) and PPMVs.

Training modules included Family planning Counseling, DMPA Sc.administration, side effects management and managing expectations of clients, IUD Insertion, treatment of incomplete abortion, post abortion care, and complications and early miscarriage management.

DKT’s training of providers has increased their knowledge in early miscarriage management and willingness to purchase MVA kits. The negative perceptions that providers had about MVA kits is progressively eroding as the activities of DKT have overcome their misconceptions and led to MVAs now being placed firmly within the landscape of post-abortion care in Nigeria.

To further enhance awareness, DKT also participates in seminars and organizes capacity building events with regional chapters of SOGON (Society of Gynecologists and Obstetricians of Nigeria, NAPMED (Nigeria Association of Patent and Proprietary Medicine Dealers), AGPN (Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria), AGPNP (Association of General Private Nursing Practitioners), AGPMPN (Association of General Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria) to introduce and promote family planning and different DKT contraceptive products



Emergency Pills

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Daily Contraceptive Pills

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Contraceptive Injection


How to Administer DMPA Sc.


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Removal Of Implanon NXT

Jadelle Insertion And Removal

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Insertion Mechanism for IUD

Loading Copper T IUD

Loading and Insertion of Sleek IUD

Loading with Safeload IUD

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Caya Diaphragm

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