DKT Bees

Community-Based Distribution

Community-based distribution is a vital component of DKT Nigeria’s program. The identity ‘DKT Bees’ was coined from the activity of bees who are involved with pollination of flowers. DKT Bees is the brand name for our team of Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs). These health workers have been kitted with attractive uniforms, cooler bags, contraceptive products and medical supplies and DKT has seen the DKT BEES play a vital role in family planning awareness and accessibility. DKT has recruited and trained over 149 private CHEWs in different states in order to bring contraceptives closer to women in their homes, businesses, markets and communities.

DKT’s approach is to use DKT Bees to take contraceptive products out of the clinics and into women’s homes, businesses, markets. This approach reduces the cumbersome burden of travelling long distances to obtain Family Planning products and services, increases the acceptability and is friendly to women in the target groups of low-income populations. This service is necessary due to the large proportion of women (especially unmarried women) who have expressed a desire to use contraceptives but do not wish to or are unable to visit a hospital or clinic. DKT Bees focus on specific target groups and designated areas such as highly populated neighborhoods and slums and where there is a distinct lack of pharmacies and clinics. These target groups represent 70% of Nigeria’s population. DKT’s Bees provide a basket of contraceptive products and this channel has been designed to be financially self-sustainable. They carry Fiesta and Kiss condoms, Female Condoms, Postpill (EC), Levofem (OCP) and DMPA Sc.. DKT Bees are already at work in some communities. If you are a qualified female Community Health Extension graduate and interested in working as a DKT Bee, then visit our career page for more info. To find a DKT BEE near you, call 0800 007 0070 for free. All DKT BEEs are FEMALE.