Where is the joy in motherhood?

Where is the joy in motherhood?

The maternity kit that’s saving lives in Nigeria

This BBC series was produced with funding from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation courtesy of BBC

The birth of a baby is good news to any family but what if the mother dies during childbirth? Then the good news is completely cut short.  A lot of women still go to traditional birth attendants and other places to give birth, but unfortunately a large percentage of those women die due to postpartum haemorrhage (excessive bleeding after childbirth). Why should good news turn sour because of a preventable problem like postpartum haemorrhage? Why should childbirth be a scare for women? Why should a child not grow up with the proper love and care of the mother?

The rate at which women die during childbirth in Nigeria is still high, so what is the solution? – World Health Organisation says it is the use of 3 tablets of Misoprostol (Miso-Fem) to prevent postpartum haemorrhage from even occurring. This is where a medicine called MISO-FEM (misoprostol)  from DKT International Nigeria comes to the rescue because just 3 tablets of Miso-Fem given immediately after delivery can prevent postpartum haemorrhage and save a mother’s life. Also, if she has already started bleeding, the health provider now needs just 4 tablets of Miso-fem to treat postpartum haemorrhage.

Having a healthy mother and child is the greatest gift for every mother and having Miso- Fem on hand in the hospital or as part of the mother’s maternity kit, is the greatest gift from the doctor to the mother. This simple medicine-Miso-Fem could have prevented the cries of a lot of families who have gone through the pains of watching their wives, sisters and mothers bleed to death after childbirth.

Because prevention is better than cure, it is better to prevent postpartum haemorrhage, thus all hospitals, clinics, maternity homes and birth attendants should be advised to adopt the use of Miso-Fem during delivery so we can keep our mothers alive to enjoy the Joys of motherhood.


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