TBAs (Traditional Birth Attendants) Trained on Miso-Fem

TBAs (Traditional Birth Attendants) Trained on Miso-Fem

Recently, DKT Nigeria trained TBAs in the rural areas of Enugu State in Eastern Nigeria. The reality is that a large number of deliveries especially in the rural areas are performed by these TBAs who have no formal medical training or education but provide maternity care and childbirth based on experience and knowledge acquired informally through the traditions and practices of the community where they are indigenes or residents. The TBAs training focused on the use of misoprostol (Miso-Fem) for prevention and treatment of Postpartum hemorrhage and counselling techniques on family planning. More than three hundred TBAs were trained from five local governments and at the end of the training, each trainee received a free box of Miso-Fem containing 72 tablets.

Two days after the training, ‘immediate success was recorded when a trainee from Eziagu Local Government administered the correct dosage of Miso-Fem on a very young woman who delivered triplets. According to the trainee, DKT’s training on Miso-Fem helped her to save lives. ‘Immediately I was sure the last baby had come out’, she exclaimed, ‘I administered Miso-Fem and there was no bleeding even though the woman delivered three babies! Thank you DKT Nigeria for giving me this training on Miso-Fem. I am very grateful’. These testimonies from the field point to the fact that DKT Nigeria is making widespread impact even among vulnerable populations in hard-to-reach places!


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