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March To Freedom

#BeLydiaSmart: How IUD Saved Me from Infertility

Do you know Lydia IUD is a contraceptive method that prevents pregnancy for up to 10 years? Do you know getting Lydia IUD at a hospital/clinic is very affordable? Get the Lydia IUD NOW, call Dr Lydia for a hospital referral on 09094998788 or send a direct message #BeLydiaSmart The LYDIA IUD Campaign:With the LYDIA IUD campaign in full swing, our posts have intentionally become more direct and seek a “call to action” by posting Dr. Lydia’s direct line and encourage women to call to get advice and a referral to a clinic.
Screenshots 1 (Before and After getting Lydia IUD): Chat with a client from Lydia IUD Instagram
Screenshot  2: A young adult, requesting a referralThe power of Referral: The biggest impact of the #BeLydiaSmart campaign is referrals of women to clinics to obtain an IUD. Due to the powerful engagement with women online, thousands have called the online doctor, Dr. Lydia to receive advice and referrals to clinics proximal to their homes or workplaces. As an added benefit of calling Dr. Lydia, women have been given access to over one thousand hospitals throughout Nigeria where they can obtain an IUD for as low as N3000($10.00).     Screenshot 3: A client, requesting where to get Lydia IUD in Kaduna Tutu’s Testimonial: DKT Nigeria is very particular about client’s feedback. Tutu, one of the women we referred to the clinic to get Lydia IUD gave this testimony.  “How IUD Saved Me from Infertility” I have been following the #BeLydiaSmart campaign but couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted the Lydia IUD or not. My major fear came from the fact that I wasn’t ready to be pregnant until I was married. I eventually placed a call to Dr. Lydia and was very excited when she picked my call. She answered all my questions and then referred me to a hospital close to my house in Badagry. On getting to the hospital, the doctor informed me that my cervix was blocked, and he could not get the IUD inserted. He offered to open my cervix before inserting the IUD. The Doctor told me I was lucky I chose to get Lydia IUD, or I wouldn’t have known my cervix was blocked and this would have resulted to infertility. After leaving the hospital I was still scared and worried the doctor gave me wrong information so I needed to speak to Dr. Lydia again. I tried calling but the number was busy so I left a message. Shortly after, Dr. Lydia called me back and explained that my cervix was blocked because of infection or retained product from an abortion or miscarriage. She was right! I had an abortion a few years ago with some complications and this was the last time I got pregnant. I am very grateful to Dr. Lydia for sending me to a hospital where I got Lydia IUD sleek at an affordable price. I got saved from both infertility and unplanned pregnancy. This is truly cheaper than the cost of my monthly data. Wow!


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