Let’s Play With Fiesta!!!

Let’s Play With Fiesta!!!
Fiesta lets play
In August, Fiesta took the fun from the bedroom to streets and Fields across Nigeria. Some of the states where the Fiesta activity happened are: Lagos, Kaduna, Plateau, Niger, Delta, Maiduguri, Oyo, Enugu, Rivers and Abuja. The fun was a contagious one, as representative of DKT, footballers and spectators had something to take home.  From the cheering to laughter to learning a new football trick and the benefits of using a condom, the Fiesta activity was surely a fun-filled experience, which will remain in the minds of those who took part in it for a long time. In Minna, the team promised to make Fiesta condom their companion always, especially during the raining season; In Asaba, the team was full of players for the DKT Nigeria; In Kaduna, the team saw it as an adventure and best support a team could get; In Nsukka, the team commended the Fiesta brand for it varieties, which enable them make choices and in Maiduguri, the team was thankful and invited DKT Nigeria for their tournament coming up in November 2018. Overall, every state had something beautiful to say.   On the average, at least 3 cartons of Fiesta condoms and 30 Jerseys were distributed to each football team, and spectators in various states. The experience for each location and venue was different as expected, but more importantly it gave an insight into how people see condom use. Just as sex is not openly discussed by a typical Nigerian man or woman, DKT representatives got this reaction from some of the footballers and spectators alike, whom seemed shy about collecting Fiesta condom. However, the Fiesta activity, created a different feel from what they know and think about a condom. It painted condom as fun, as prevention for any long match, and what both women and men can have or purchase. Also, DKT representative where able to educate them through jokes and warmth.  Through these, some spectators called out to those who were not on the field to come and get their own Fiesta Condom.  DKT Nigeria is not relenting on providing Fiesta Jersey and condoms to sport lovers in Nigeria, this amazing activity continues. Are you a sport lover? Would you like us to grace your sporting event with Fiesta Jersey and condoms? Feel free to contact DKT Nigeria on 08090279018


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