DKT Nigeria marks her presence in Taraba state.

DKT Nigeria marks her presence in Taraba state.
DKT Nigeria continues to achieve remarkable milestones in providing contraceptives in rural and hard-to-reach areas in Nigeria. Through the recent activities of the Medical sales representative, remote towns Like Nguroje and Gembu in Taraba state now have easy access to family planning products. Nguroje is a remote town located about 313.8 km (4 hours 14 mins) from Jalingo the capital city of Taraba state and Gembu is a town close to the border separating Nigeria and Cameroon. MAP Despite the remoteness and adverse weather conditions of these towns, DKT’s medical sales representative Odoma Alkali was able to orientate and train healthcare providers on quality family planning service delivery and products. More clinics and hospitals in Nguroje and Gembu town are now embracing family planning. These hospitals are eager to set up family planning units within their facilities which was never available to Nguroje and Gembu town. All these noticeable improvements can be attributed to DKT’s activities and reaffirms DKT’s mission in providing easy access to contraceptives especially in hard-to-reach areas. Odoma Alkali, DKT’s medical sales representative excitedly shares his activities from the field. Kindly read through his journey in Taraba state. 1. Care Clinic Nguroje Town, Taraba State Care Clinic, a clinic in Nguroje is owned by Nurse Rose whose photograph appears below. Nurse Rose was happy to use our Lydia IUD banner as a sign that there is a clinic in this location. She also used the opportunity to stock up on copper T, Misofem and Fiesta prolong for the patent medicine store attach to the clinic. doctorArtboard 1newsletter iconten In another development, I was received by HRH Alh. Adamu A. Bairo. So, don’t be surprised when next people address me as Sarki Child spacing and lifesaving of Nguroje. In my quest for customers at Nguroje which is about one-hour drive away from Gembu. I was opportune to meet a group of people belonging to NAPMED Nguroje Chapter ready to pay the Emir a courtesy visit. They bought on the spot and I was asked to wait for them till after the meeting which gave me the opportunity to visit the Emir and to also detail on the benefits of our products. I eventually exhausted all the products in my van and left with a promise to come back. doctorArtboard 1 copy 4newsletter iconten 2. Gembu Town, Taraba state. A Missionary clinic now turned to a private hospital with my very good friend Dr Gbenga as medical director, the man on cap in the photograph below. They have plans to setup a family planning unit in the hospital starting with DKT’s family planning product’s. The Lydia banner attracted people’s attention as many took pictures with it, including Dr Uche in blue and Nurse Jane. There was assurance that I will soon hear from them for supply. doctorArtboard 1 copy 3newsletter iconten   As DKT Nigeria continues to spread her tentacles across remote regions in Nigeria, the Lydia Hotspot also continues to grow among hospitals in Lagos state. Sarah Ogundiran a member of the clinical services and training team shares a testimonial from her recent outreach activities. 1. Faithcity Hospital Ajao, Lagos “After receiving the Lydia HotSpot products at my facility today, I must admit that Indeed this is worth signing up for, it’s a huge package that is cost effective, we have paid less for more. I appreciate the disposable uterine sound and additional misoprostol blisters(130 pieces). 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