DKT Announces 2017 Health Impact

DKT Announces 2017 Health Impact
DKT’s social marketing sales and activities avert 7.6 million unintended pregnancies
Dear friend of DKT,
We are pleased to share our health impact calculations, CYP results, and granular sales and service data for 2017. In the spirit of transparency, all of this information is freely available on our website here.
In 2017, DKT’s efforts prevented an estimated 7.6 million pregnancies and 4.6 million unsafe abortions. In addition, DKT averted approximately 14,600 maternal deaths.
DKT delivered 36.2 million CYPs from our country-based social marketing programs. The global WomanCare platform delivered another 430,000 CYPs for a grand total of 36.6 million CYPs.
DKT sold more than:
  • 3.6 million IUDs
  • 28 million injectable contraceptives
  • 16 million misoprostol tablets
  • 2.5 million mifepristone / misoprostol combi-packs
  • 96 million oral contaceptives
  • 7.9 million emergency contraceptives
  • 152,000 manual vacuum aspirators
  • 433,000 cannuale for MVA kits
  • 666 million condoms
  • 230,000 contraceptive implants
What these numbers represent but inadequately communicate are the thousands of stories of women and men who have been able to choose how and when to have children. Each of those narratives constitutes a life shaped, a destiny molded, an individual empowered.
Thank you for being a friend to DKT.
With best regards,
Christopher Purdy


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