Behind the scenes of Dr. Lydia #BeLydiaSmart Video series

Behind the scenes of Dr. Lydia #BeLydiaSmart Video series
The first ever IUD campaign aimed at the consumer in Nigeria and themed #BeLydiaSmart is still on-going with newer, trendier and call to action messages that have been motivating the target audience towards taking the action of obtaining the Lydia IUD anywhere in Nigeria. Dr. Lydia, DKT’s dedicated online health provider has attended to thousands of questions asked by the audience while the influencers’ videos are consistently generating massive conversations on different high traffic blogs.  The feedback from our audience re-echoed the pervasive myths and misconceptions surrounding the use of IUD, and informed our decision to produce infotainment videos in two major languages to address these negative perceptions about IUDs. The videos are titled #BeLydiaSmart video series and have six episodes. Our approach is to use the videos to address the diverse questions and concerns raised by our target audience since the Lydia IUD campaign commenced.  Also, our approach featured word of mouth, one of the oldest forms of marketing which is still very relevant in the world and Nigeria is not an exception.  It helps in spreading the information to remote areas, which is why our videos were produced to encourage women to talk to their friends, sisters, colleagues, co-workers and neighbors on the benefits of Lydia IUD which includes opportunity to fulfill dreams and aspirations. Episode 1 titled ‘’Mr. Dele’s Sex Marathon’’ is focused on a married man, Dele who is frustrated with his wife’s constant refusal to have sex with him because she already has two children and does not want to become a victim of unplanned pregnancy. He could not bear the frustration further and confided in a friend whose wife adopted the Lydia IUD.  His friend advised him to tell his wife to adopt the Lydia IUD method so that she would not be afraid of unplanned pregnancy anymore. Dele and his wife heeded to this advice and the immediate result of their decision to use the Lydia IUD is a four-day sex marathon.
Mr. Dele’s Sex Marathon
Mr. Dele represents over 60% of Nigerian married men with sexual issues emanating from lack of adoption of modern contraception. So, his message to other men is simple: enjoy spontaneous sex without pregnancy worries because Lydia IUD does not interfere with sex and calendar counting is not a reliable pregnancy preventing method. The myth this video tries to debunk is that IUD interferes during sex, that the man can feel the string of the IUD.

Dr Lydia lends her professional voice to that of Mr. Dele by encouraging couples out there to contact her for referral to a clinic where they can get the Lydia IUD. A link is provided for visitors to click on and immediately get access to Dr. Lydia.

Episode 2 titled ‘’Artificial triplets’’, in case, you are wondering where that title came from, please watch the video. This story is a reflection of the Nigerian society where women give birth to a number of children they can’t cater for. The woman in this video has three un-spaced children, an 8 months old baby and heavily pregnant, you said haa! Yes, that was her story. She is so tired and frustrated that she is taking it out on the children and anyone who comes in contact with her and here is her neighbor living a stress-free life because she has three children that are well spaced.

Artificial triplets
Giving birth to too many children is not peculiar to just one tribe or region in Nigeria, hence we produced the Hausa Language version of the story with a popular kannywood actress (Sophia Mohammed) taking the lead.  Unlike the English video, she took out her own frustration on a passer-by who was sympathetic to her plight of handling four children all by herself and asked if they were triplet, the video tells the rest of the story.
Artificial Triplet (Hausa)
Why this story? A high percentage of women are living an unfulfilled life and dreams due to too many children that they did not plan for and the society is paying for it. Also, it is a common myth that once you do an IUD, it will affect your chances of having your desired number of children.

Again Dr. Lydia came to the rescue, advising women on the WHO recommended  child spacing years and the fact that Lydia IUD adoption does not cause secondary infertility or stop you from having your desired number, rather it helps you space them in a manner that allows you to achieve other goals in life.

Episode 3 titled “Franca the sexpert” is a tale of a single lady in a steady relationship who likes ‘to do the do’, not ready to get pregnant and at the same time doesn’t want to use her entire savings to get contraceptive. Like a typical youth will do, she went straight to the ‘oracle’ that knows everything called ‘’Dr. Google’’ where she found Without wasting time, she logged in and got what she wanted, a referral to a clinic to get Lydia IUD at a very affordable price. As it is with every satisfied user, she went back to the office to share the new gist with her friend. The myth that we debunked in this video is that IUD is not only for women who are married and have had children, single ladies can also use it.

Franca the sexpert
From Dr. Lydia, we gathered that the Lydia IUD insertion process is less than 10 minutes, it is very affordable, widely available in Nigeria and she is readily available to refer if only you can call her, the rest is history.

Episode 4 titled “Tale of an Experienced Mama“- experience they say is the best teacher, this is the case of a married lady that spaced with Lydia IUD and is now ready to have her second child. Her doctor took out her Lydia IUD and by the second month she was already pregnant, a story that inspired her friend who was scared of adopting the method to finally go for it.

Tale of an Experienced Mama
We situated the Hausa version of this story in a typical henna shop (Hausa beauty salon) so our northern audience can relate with it. Talatu got a firsthand testimonial of how fast one can get pregnant after removing Lydia IUD from her friend who has been using it for a couple of years to space. What other assurance does she want if not one from an experienced user?
Tales of an Experienced Mama (Hausa)
This story stems from the Myth that IUD causes infertility, but with her experience with the brand, she was able to debunk the myth. Dr. Lydia enlightened the audience on the fact that Lydia IUD is non- hormonal and once removed, getting pregnant is immediate.
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