Sayana Press is a new, easy-to- use pre-filled contraceptive injection that prevents pregnancy for 3 months. Sayana Press is a fast and simple administration that contains a lower dose than in any other 3 months injection and comes with a very small needle so it is less painful for women. Sayana Press, designed with a small needle, is a very convenient option for women who want a short method of contraception but don’t want to be bothered with taking pills every day, such as busy working women, young women and even women who are afraid of injections.

This method is very convenient and a woman only needs 4 shots to be protected for the whole year, which makes it a popular choice for many. This method can also be used if a woman is breastfeeding once her baby is 6 weeks or older.

Sayana Press Quarterly Mobile Reminder Alerts

DKT Nigeria is offering a toll free reminder service to Sayana Press users to remind them of their next injection. This service will help women remember their next Sayana Press dose, and also notify those who missed or forgot their re-injection. DKT Nigeria sends these reminders thrice to ensure user compliance and increase continuation rates.

The Reminder alert process works when a Sayana Press user immediately after getting her Sayana Press injection, texts ‘SAP’ to 38350 from her personal mobile phone. She (the user) will receive a confirmation text message and three additional reminder alerts in intervals during the penultimate weeks before the lapse of the Sayana Press injection.