Listeners Testimony “…that Sayana Press magic”

Listeners Testimony “…that Sayana Press magic”
September 6, 2017 dkt


3 Rasaq Olaiwola Street


Badagry Road



Dear Madam Osaka,

Please, I write to express my gratitude to the sponsor of this programme  As E dey sweet you. In fact, the programme is a blessing, especially to we men. Now o my wife will believe.

In fact, we can testify to the effect of that Sayana Press Magic, if only you follow the instruction.

I must say that Julian, Lara and pharmacist are very lively and quite convincing.

Kindly continue the topic and that of daily contraceptive because it will surely control too much childbearing.

I am sure I have missed many editions but I have asked my wife to make sure that she listens only NEPA will always disappoint.

Thank you for introducing this program. My life has been converted.

Thank you O.


Mr Joe Igbagebo.


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