Baby Dumping; An Ugly New Trend in Nigeria

Baby Dumping; An Ugly New Trend in Nigeria
June 22, 2017 dkt

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`Baby Boy Found Choking in Gutter’, ‘Dead Twin Babies Discovered in Swampy Canal, Dustbins’ are some of the heart-breaking headlines in the news lately. The tragic trend is so intense that no tribe or region is immune to the scourge because the reported cases have all come from different states in Nigeria. Some offenders have been caught and interrogated on the reasons behind dumping their babies in perilous places. One tune that has been constant in the responses of these women is “no money to take care of children”. In other words, ‘Poverty’

This was the reason given by an eighteen-year old teenage mother who placed her four-month old baby in a polythene bag and dumped him under Oshodi Bridge, in Lagos state. Another mother in Bauchi state dumped her own ‘precious’ baby in the toilet! Can you imagine? That imagery can ruin toilet breaks for anyone. The Bauchi mother claimed that her husband who she had six children with was bed-ridden and they were struggling to feed the eight mouths in the family. Having a baby and an additional mouth to feed was a massive tragedy! So, she ‘solved’ the problem by dumping baby in the toilet. I cannot imagine the thought process of a mother who can dump her innocent baby in the toilet and walk away.

But why stoop to such savagery to deal with an unwanted birth when you could have used a contraceptive to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. A simple #200 naira emergency contraceptive like Postpill or even Levofem oral contraceptive pill could have helped her to avoid unplanned pregnancy or even the savagery behavior called “baby dumping”. Let everyone help to spread the word; learn about pregnancy prevention, contraception and child spacing  today by visiting  or join the conversations online with the hashtag #BeSharp by following @honeyandbanana on facebook, twitter and instagram.




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