DKT BEEs! …for healthy, happy women

DKT BEEs! …for healthy, happy women
May 20, 2016 dkt


DKT Bees are female community health workers engaged and supported by DKT to provide family planning directly in the community. These DKT Bees are trained to approach women confidently, initiate conversation on Family Planning and to provide counselling on the different Family Planning methods including the new, easy to use, 3 month injection called Sayana-Press. Sayana-Press is a pre-filled, subcutaneous injection that prevents pregnancy for 3 months and comes with a very a small needle that makes the process less painful and faster for the clients..

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The DKT Bees work in slums and densely populated communities in order to reach women with high need but cannot afford to go to a clinic for their family planning. The DKT Bees are visiting women in their homes, local business areas, markets and gatherings, providing counselling and contraceptives. DKT Bees are able to bring quality and affordable contraceptive care within the reach of poorer women and offer a discreet service along the way.

Story: A real life experience from the field

“No more space”

Along the busy, swampy streets of Makoko, a slum in Lagos state, a growing crowd of women gathers. In their center are two women, dressed in a white and gold uniform with a sunflower & Bee badge. These women are DKT BEES. One woman from the crowd steps forward and asks for more information; soon she walks into a home with one of the BEES and comes out smiling, she has received Sayana Press the contraceptive injection. Out on the streets, there’s commotion, a man is seen pulling his wife at a fast pace, such that she is trying hard to keep up. At the top of his voice he shouts “Ko saye mo o” (there’s no more space), “Ko saye mo o” The crowd parts for this man, curious and when the DKT BEE tries to make sense of his rant, he pauses for breath and says to his wife in his local tongue, “talk to this people, you can’t continue to give birth every time, there’s no more space in my house. Talk to them ooo, I will wait for you”.

Minutes later, the woman walks out of the home after consulting with the DKT BEE, a happy smile on her face.


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