Changing lives through social marketing

Changing lives through social marketing
May 20, 2016 dkt


Dear Friend,

It’s a new year and DKT Nigeria is on a solid footing as always in providing quality contraceptives and safe post abortion care to Nigerian women.

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DKT Nigeria is positioned to supply IMPLANON NXT® to healthcare providers throughout Nigeria.

What IMPLANON NXT® is used for

IMPLANON NXT® is a small, progestin only, flexible birth control implant that is 4cm in length, very thin and provides 3 years of continuous pregnancy protection.

IMPLANON NXT® should be removed or replaced at the end of the third year but you can always ask your doctor to remove the implant any time you feel like it before the 3 year is up. Implanon does not protect against HIV infection, AIDS or any other sexually transmitted diseases.

Features of IMPLANON NXT®:

Easy to use, one hand-action action for fast insertion time.
Full retraction of the needle into the applicator after insertion.
Security that the implant could not fall out of the needle.
Ensure sub-dermal insertion
Radiopaque implant offers X-ray visibility
IMPLANON NXT® is great because:

It saves the stress of keeping up with a daily birth control routine and since IMPLANON NXT® protects for up to 3 years, you don’t have to worry about daily pills.
It is easily reversible, you can get pregnant as soon as it is removed.
It is safe and 99.5% effective and can be used over a period of 3years.


Watch video on how to Insert IMPLANON NXT

SAYANA PRESS Free Reminder ‘Alert’ Service


This is a great free service for women who use Sayana Press. Because DKT Nigeria cares about every Sayana Press user, we implemented this free text service to remind our clients in exactly three months to take their next Sayana Press injection. This service is completely free and can be activated after each shot by texting ‘SAP’ to ‘38350.



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